The Tre Technique: May to June

Learn the Tre Technique over a 5 sessions

The Yoga Humm is very pleased to play host to this course on the Tre process. It's a powerful yet simple course of exercises that are designed to invoke the body's natural release mechanism. Tension, trauma and stress cause contraction, restriction and pain when it's our true nature to expand and be free. David Bercell devised these exercises whilst working internationally in the field of trauma recovery. 

  • Experience deep relaxation, peace and profound calm
  • Sleep deeply
  • Enjoy greater flexibility and physical freedom
  • Diminish, or even dissolve, chronic pain
  • Be less reactive and function more effectively overall
  • Come home to your true nature of expansion, freedom and flow

Tree is a certified Global Tre instructor and a practicing Shaman. She released her own debilitating chronic pain with this technique. The balancing of her nervous system was so profoundly life changing that it compelled her to study the Tre process and become an instructor. It gives her great joy to work with people, seeing them realize their potential for release, healing and wholeness. 

'Just to be in Tree's presence is a kind of healing in itself, such is the peace and joy she radiates. But the TRE sessions she offers are also a great healing method. My body was craving the relief offered by this technique. TRE was surprisingly easy and it allows a surrendering and the intelligence of the body to come forward. Thank you Tree.' Sarah Hudson

Attending 5 sessions is important to benefit from this technique. You must also be able to perform simple exercises. 

These sessions are not suitable during pregnancy or for those with serious mental health issues.

For any enquiries or for private sessions, you can best reach Tree via her Facebook page: AwakeningThroughtheBody. This is the best way as there is no mobile reception where she lives.

Day: 5 Saturdays 2pm - 3pm (1st session ends 3.30pm)

Running: 26th May to 23rd June 2018

Cost: $130

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Ingrid Gravestein