Flying Dragon Sleeping Swan: June

A Masterclass with Guest Teacher Beth Borowsky

Dragons are mythical creatures known for their ambition and willingness to take risks and overcome challenges. The Flying Dragon, created by Yin Master Paul Grilley, has been expanded by Beth into a dynamic yin-yang yoga sequence that ignites your inner fire in a rhythmic, fluid and therapeutic way.

You’ll be guided slowly through this exquisite journey and build the energy to fly beyond your limitations with grace, strength and an inner belief that everything is possible…. and you’ll have fun! 

The latter part of the class will soften into restorative Yin, allowing your internal fires to relax your muscles as you melt into stillness, serenity and calm. This masterclass will inspire your yoga practice and help cultivate balance and harmony in your life - both on and off the mat. 

Come fly with Beth as we journey through this courageous flow.

Beth is one of Sydney’s most inspiring yoga teachers. Her classes are designed to inspire students to experience moving meditation where their yoga practice flows effortlessly and creates a balance between strength and inner calm. She is also known and loved for her Goddess Retreats that she holds each year in Australia and overseas. To learn more about Beth, please            visit

Beth is a registered member of Yoga Alliance, with which she holds her 500 hour teacher training certification, and a Level 2 teacher with Yoga Australia. She is also one of only 2 certified Forrest Yoga Level 2 teachers in Australia.

2pm - 4pm Saturday 30th June

$45 pre-book only

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Ingrid Gravestein