The Art of Nourishment Series: Sept 2018

The Art of Nourishment Series 

Presented by Nikki Wagner

Nourishing our bodies with wholefoods is essential for:

  • energy & vitality
  • a strong immune system
  • repair damaged tissue
  • support the liver to detoxify
  • heal & protect our brains
  • and maintain a healthy microbiome

Nikki is inspiring with her ability to succinctly explain how our gut health impacts our whole being. Providing yourself with wholefood lays the necessary foundation not only for good health, but for a fulfilling, meaningful life. It allows you to achieve your goals. Everything builds up from your foundation of optimal health. 

Nikki Wagner is formally trained as a biochemist - focusing on how the environment effects your genetic expression (epigenetics), immune system reactions, hormonal effects, the consequences of nutrient deficiencies and the microbiome. She is now a practicing nutritionist living on the Far South Coast, NSW.  A type 1 diabetic herself, Nikki understands what is like to live with chronic illness and autoimmune disease.  It is her goal to help people with diabetes and other long-term illnesses improve their quality of life through the Art of Nourishment - wholefoods coupled with movement, mindfulness, and healthy relationships.

The Nourishment Series

Session 1: Health Begins in the Gut

1-3pm Saturday 1st Sept

Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, said "All disease begins in the gut". Nikki gives you a biochemist's understanding of how your gut health affects every other system in your body. 

Session 2: Food & Mood

1-3pm Saturday 8th Sept

We explore how the foods you eat affect your mental health and wellbeing.

Session 3: Calm Chronic Inflammation

1-3pm Saturday 15th Sept

Long-term inflammation provokes disease: learn how to soothe an overactive immune system. 

Session 4: Balancing Female Hormones

1-3pm Saturday 22nd Sept

"A woman's health is a barometer of her environment." (Dr Mark Hyman). Learn the causes of hormonal imbalances and how to manage them. 

Cost: $50 per session or all four sessions for $175

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