Yoga for Beginners Course: Feb to Mar 2019

A Beginner's Course in Yoga with Ingrid

Bored with your fitness regime or lack of it? Do this course to build your new (or renewed) yoga practice on solid foundations. Yoga is an enjoyable and endlessly interesting way to:

  • Boost vitality, confidence and freedom in body and mind.

  • Stretch and strengthen your whole body, improve back issues and mobilize cranky joints.

  • De-stress to enjoy deep sleep, sweet peace and harmony.

Ingrid will look after you with her 14 years of teaching experience and extensive training. She is well equipped to accommodate your needs and any physical conditions. The simple practices she offers make the benefits of yoga easily accessible. They can even be life changing and magical. Ingrid's current students enjoy her caring support and surprising depth of knowledge. They are very grateful she lives here with us.

Set up a healthy habit by committing to this six week course. You will be delighted with what you learn and how it makes you feel.

Ingrid is very happy to answer any questions you may have. Call her on 0405 344 640.

6 Saturdays 8am - 9:30pm

16th Feb to 23rd Mar 2019
Cost: $150

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EventIngrid Gravestein