Yoga for Beginners Course: Oct to Nov 2019

A Beginner's Course in Yoga with Ingrid

Ingrid teaches Forrest Yoga, created by Ana Forrest. Forrest yoga is relatively new to Australia even though Ana Forrest has been teaching for over 40 years. Forrest Yoga has intelligent sequencing, poses upgraded for today's lifestyles and the invitation to dive deep into feeling what we avoid both emotionally and physically.

What I love most about Forrest Yoga is seeing people progress: from pain to freedom, from a basic practice to advances they never thought they could achieve, from stressed to calmly empowered.

I’ve studied and taught several styles of yoga. Forrest Yoga stands out as the most effective.

Ingrid Gravestein

In this six week course you will learn the foundations of Forrest Yoga. Each week includes a handout of the practices covered.

Set up a healthy habit by committing to this six week course. You will be delighted with what you learn and how it makes you feel.

Ingrid is very happy to answer any questions you may have. Call her on 0405 344 640.

6 Sunday 8am - 9:45am

20th October - 24th November 2019
Cost: $150

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