Dancing in the Flames: June

A Workshop on Peri-Menopause and Beyond.

A facilitated gathering to explore issues, challenges and opportunities of the   "second spring" in a woman's life.

Using yoga, authentic movement, art therapy and enquiry Gauri Ma crystallises 30 years experience as a yoga therapist for women's health with her love of creativity, practical information & appreciation for the awakening of the feminine divine.

Now on the other side of menopause, Gauri Ma brings a personal appreciation for this transformative time in a woman’s life, offering personal knowledge with practical    information about the long road that is menopause.

Check out her blog on Menopause http://www.shaktibhava.com/herart--soul-a-blog

Bring your own lunch or enjoy it at a nearby café.

 Limited spaces available.

When: 10am - 4pm Sunday 16th June 2019

Cost: $80

Menopause Workshop.jpg
Ingrid Gravestein