Pranayama: The Yoga of Breath

Your lungs are like an upside down tree . Imagine what it must take to deliver oxygen to the leaves.

Yoga has long since understood the magical power of our breath. Much more is  written in the ancient yogic texts about breathing practices, called Pranayama, than is written about yoga poses, called Asana.

Including all the physical benefits, as well as dissolving stress, breathing practices can be a tool to stay present, alert and in feeling. Changing the way we breathe can move pain and stagnant energy.

There is so much to share about Pranayama, how it works, the different exercises and how to free up your lungs to find your full breath capacity.

Changing how you breathe can truly change your life.

Ingrid has been teaching yoga for 14 years. She has also been a Yoga Teacher Trainer for several years.

Ingrid: ‘One of my  favourite things was to read the  assignments set for the pranayama trainees  and to see their realisations and delights as they’d discovered what Pranayama has to offer.’

When: 2 - 4pm Sunday 17th February 2019

Cost: $35

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Ingrid Gravestein