Crystal Sound Journey w Rachel Laing: September

Bathe in this unique, regenerative Crystal Sound Healing experience.

 You are invited to experience a multi-sensory crystal sound bath    featuring chimes, bells, voice and crystal singing bowls. Connect to your physical body, higher self, soul and spirit. Prepare to release any and all dormant and blocked energy within your energetic and   emotional body.

Rachel Laing is a professional musician and intuitive sound healer from Sydney. She has been passionately performing workshops and sell out sessions with      Alchemy & Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls at festivals, events, gatherings, yoga studios and privates in NSW, VIC & QLD.

I had the pleasure of being gifted a sound healing with the beautiful Rachel Laing. Rachel’s use of the crystal bowls intertwined with her incredible voice, was the most amazing experience ever!

I have had pain in my hip due to cancer in my bones for the last six months. The frequency of the bowls brought the pain to the surface and I was able to push through the pain and release the blockage causing that pain. I instantly was pain free in my hip and was able to bend over and pick things up off the floor with no pain in my hip.

We loved the private session so much we came back an hour later to experience her sound healing whilst doing our usual yin yoga class. It truly was a magical experience and would definitely recommend Rachel and her healing ability. Eight days later I still have no pain in my Hip. I am forever grateful, thank you Rachel for your welcoming beautiful healing presence.

Please bring a pillow, blanket or warm clothes, and a personal totem/crystal to meditate with. 

Limited spaces available.

When: 6:30pm-8:30pm Thursday 19th September 2019

Cost: $40

Check out videos of Rachel and more on her website:

Sound Healing.jpg
Ingrid Gravestein