Wellness Workshop: May

It seems quite inherent in our human-ness that when we are ‘told’ what to do, what we ‘should’ do, ‘need’ to do or you ‘must’ do – we don’t tend to do it at all or at least we’ll give it a go and most times are unable to stick with it! Why is that?

So, then given the choice to create health & wellness in a way that is real to your own personal Values and Beliefs, that is real in your daily life, you are more likely to triumph in what you set out to achieve and stay committed for the long run.  It is that self-efficacy that moves us into the bigger vision we have for our healthy happy life.

Trish has a lifetime's experience in self-efficacy, in her commitment to taking care of her own auto-immune conditions of eczema & multiple food allergies plus other related degenerative conditions. Modern western medical practices took her to a crushing low both physically & mentally in her 40’s.  The journey of recovery through her own choices and set upon her own values and beliefs, has led her into the healthy and happy life she visioned for herself; as well as taking her on the journey into Health & Wellness Coaching, so she can help others like you, fashion and shape the health-full life and happy future they desire.

You too can choose to craft better Health and Wellness on your own terms by taking full control and responsibility, making your own choices and setting attainable goals. 

Trish is going to show you the how-to, of a serious topic, in a fun and interactive workshop setting.  BYO sense of humour, dare to dream big and get ready to explore what you CAN do to design your healthy happy life.

When: 1:30pm - 4pm Sunday 19th May 2019

Cost: $35

Ingrid Gravestein