February Yoga Challenge: Feb 2019

What happens when you practice yoga more than once a week? Experience for yourself the powerful game changing effect yoga can have by committing to this challenge. Go on this journey with kindred spirits for just one month.

The benefits are:

· Reduced stress, pain and discomfort.

· Feel stronger, more flexible, more alive, brighter and happier.

· Change your habits, cultivate self love

· Discover how making time for yourself gives you more time. As your mind brightens from your practice, so too does your focus, productivity and relationship self and with others.

Enjoy the love and support of The Yoga Humm's community.


What does it involve:

· Attend 4 classes per week. You will have 26 classes to chooses from the weekly class schedule. 10 new weekly classes will be added in February.

· Develop a simple meditation practice, starting with just 5 minutes per day.

· Attend a meditation workshop with PremKranti.

· Attend a Pranayama (Breath) workshop with Ingrid.

· Check off your meditation and class practice on the studio’s yoga challenge chart.

· Enjoy the journey with other yoga challengers.

· Upon successful completion, enjoy all the benefits including a 20% discount off your next membership.


Commencing 1st Feb 2019, ending 28th Feb 2019

Cost: $200 ($160 concession)

We have added a whopping 10 new classes to our weekly class schedule for you. That’s 26 classes per week to choose from. Each week we have:

· 1 Meditation class

· 3 Restorative classes

· 6 Basics classes

· 5 Rise’N’Shine classes

· 11 Slow Flow classes

Each week of the challenge will have a different theme for your yoga class, during your meditation and even throughout your day.

Yoga Challenge.jpg
Ingrid Gravestein