Yoga Challenge: November 2019

What happens when you practice yoga more than once a week? Experience for yourself the powerful game changing effect yoga can have by committing to this challenge. Go on this journey with kindred spirits for just one month.

The benefits are:

· Reduced stress, pain and discomfort.

· Feel stronger, more flexible, more alive, brighter and happier.

· Change your habits, cultivate self love

· Discover how making time for yourself gives you more time. As your mind brightens from your practice, so too does your focus, productivity and relationship self and with others.

Enjoy the love and support of The Yoga Humm's community.

 “From the moment I walk into the Yoga Humm studio I feel calm and peaceful – the space has such a vibrant yet serene ambience that wonderfully compliments Ingrid’s teaching style.
Over the course of the May Yoga challenge I felt that my yoga practice has certainly developed further. I feel stronger both mentally and physically. Completing 4+ classes per week allowed me to really tune in to the adjustments given and work to incorporate them into the following class with little prompting. Over the course of the month I observed the teachers developing a lovely familiarity with each student and I was truly made to feel special!
I’ve very much enjoyed the benefits of daily meditation and aim to continue this as I found it a great way to find stillness and inward focus, albeit for just a few moments each day
Perhaps the greatest highlight for me has been the sense of community that developed amongst the students and teachers – I feel like I have developed an extended family/social circle. Credit must go to Ingrid for her welcoming and fun (and at times challenging!) teaching style. I am so happy to have found this yoga studio as my time spent here feels like a wonderful gift of self love and care” Michelle Richmond

The challenge came at the perfect time for me. I was making some changes in my life and with some encouragement from Ingrid I decided now was the time to add more yoga into the mix. The results have been amazing! More life changes occurred throughout the month and yoga helped how I responded to these changes. Physically and mentally things are changing and I am enjoying the journey and am keen to continue the momentum from participating in the yoga challenge. The environment created at The Yoga Humm is so welcoming, nurturing and positive. It's a pleasure to go to yoga and spend time with the teachers and fellow students and finish a yoga class with a smile and blissful feeling. Thank you to Ingrid and Trish for their wonderful spirit and compassion. Tanya

Prior to the May Yoga Challenge, I was reluctant to do early morning yoga classes thinking that I would be too tired for my working day.
Having completed the challenge and doing 4 - 5 early mornings per week, I now realize that the busier I am, the more I need to keep up the practice.
Rather than it depleting me, early morning yoga energizes me and helps me to be at my best for whatever the day holds.
Many thanks to Ingrid, Christine and Trish for your wonderful teaching, inspiration and loving care. Annie

What does it involve:

· Attend 4 classes per week. You will have 22 classes to choose from on our weekly class schedule.

· Develop a simple meditation practice, starting with just 5 minutes per day.

· Attend a Yoga Nidra Workshop with PremKranti - Sunday 3rd Nov.

· Attend a Wellness Workshop with Trish - Sunday 10th Nov.

· Check off your meditation and class practice on the studio’s yoga challenge chart.

· Enjoy the journey with other yoga challengers.

· Upon successful completion, enjoy all the benefits including a 20% discount off your next membership.


Commencing 1st Nov 2019, ending 30th Nov 2019

Start anytime in the 1st week of November ensuring you can attend 4 classes that week.

Cost: $200 ($160 concession)

Each week you can choose from:

· 2 Restorative classes

· 6 Basics classes

· 5 Rise’N’Shine classes

· 7 Slow Flow classes

· 2 Men Only classes Men only of course hehe

Each week of the challenge will have a different theme for your yoga class, during your meditation and even throughout your day.

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Ingrid Gravestein