Yoga Nidra Workshop: November 2019

Want to sleep better? Have less Sress? Then Yoga Nidra is for you.

"Yoga Nidra approaches and techniques are now proved to have important health benefits for body and mind, but extend to yet more profound meditative realizations.
What is called Yoga Nidra today is part of a deeper yogic science of consciousness that allows us to access a higher awareness beyond ordinary waking, dream and deep sleep.”

The Turiya state of the Upanishads. Dr David Frawley. Author

This experiential workshop will:

· Unpack the mysteries of this wonderful and much loved relaxation practice.

· Explain  the theory of Yoga Nidra and why this simple practice delivers such deep relaxation and clarity of mind.

· Help you develop a sankalpa, a positive intention that offers lasting change and expansion into your fullest potential.

When: 1:30pm - 4pm 10th November

Cost: $45 ($40 conc)

Free for those doing the November Yoga Challenge


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Ingrid Gravestein