Fully certified to Australian yoga teaching standards, The Yoga Humm teachers are committed to ongoing studies, continual learning & regular mentoring from Ingrid to ensure they provide the best possible service to you.

Ingrid Gravestein

Ingrid Gravestein

Ingrid Gravestein

Regardless of whether it is a simple Basics class, a dynamic Slow Flow class, or a passive stretch and surrender Yin and Meditation class, Ingrid will provide space for you to tend to yourself. With care, respect and hands on assists, she will remind you to stay present and listen to your body. Each cue is specific to physical alignment, breath or your attitude of attention.

What to expect in Ingrid's Slow Flow classes:

  • Practice Ana Forrest inspired poses and sequencing that is safer, kinder and deeply healing.
  • Breathe deeply to fuel your practice and shift any stuckness physically, emotionally and energetically.
  • Work at your edge dynamically to build strength and flexibility.
  • Then cool down with deep stretches fully assimilating the whole class.

What to expect in Ingrid's Yin and Meditation classes:

  • Nothing dynamic
  • Deep stretches
  • Space to surrender
  • Subtle breath practices
  • Settling of your mind
  • Peace

More about Ingrid

After visiting her family for the past 30 years Ingrid finally moved to Merimbula to look after her mother and pursue her dream of providing this beautiful place with a dedicated yoga space. Her teaching journey began in 2004 and she feels privileged to have worked for two great yoga studios, Mantra Yoga Crows Nest (a smaller studio boasting a big happy community) and Bodymindlife Surry Hills (the biggest yoga studio in Australia). Ingrid gathered an impressive depth of experience from both studios including teaching classes, training and mentoring teachers, and running workshops. She was also able to continually learn through further training which included international teachers.

Ingrid continues to learn and undertake training with highly esteemed international teacher Ana Forrest of Forrest Yoga. A famous game changer, Ana's 40 years of global teaching has already left a legacy of intelligent sequencing to guide you deep, safely, and sustainably. Sindar Kaur mentored Ingrid for several years and while not as well known Ana Forrest, her intuitive guidance is born from her own truth seeking of the rich yogic texts and many many hours of deep meditation. Having embraced their teachings Ingrid has liberated herself from many burdens and humbly offers this embodied wisdom to all that walk through her doors.


Kristy Knight

Kristy's naturally caring and considerate nature will instantly put you at ease as she offers you a safe and supportive environment where you can let go and unwind away from busy life. What to expect from Kristy's classes: A Fun flow to bring balance to your lives.

With a balanced class that flows synchronising physical movement with breath to bring awareness and presence promoting a mind body connection. The practice will be energising, uplifting and calming, and will include

  • Breath awareness
  • Sun salutations
  • Standing poses
  • Backbends
  • Forward bends
  • Twists
  • Inversions
  • Relaxation

More about Kristy

A Merimbula local who cherishes this seaside community, Kristy is a small business owner who has found yoga help her balance the daily struggles of her busy stressful life.

Having found renewed strength, vitality and that deep inner peace in her own yoga journey, Kristy was compelled to learn more and share the benefits with others and so began her in depth teacher training studies in 2014 and qualified in 2016.


Suvi Marika Nordquist

Suvi Marika wishes to create a safe, comfortable space for every student to practice yoga at their own level, according to their abilities on the day. She firmly believes that yoga is available to every level of fitness, strength and flexibility, and brings the joy of movement to any day.

What to expect in Suvi Marika’s classes: An emphasis on safe alignment and creative sequencing, each class will be a full spectrum Hatha class and will include:

  • Twists
  • Balances
  • Strength work
  • Opening
  • Forward folds
  • Back bends 
  • Time for breath-work

More about Suvi

Born in Finland, Suvi Marika lived in Germany, the UK and Australia before moving to the South Coast in 2011.

Living on the Great Ocean Road coast for a time in 2014, she committed herself to a strong Hatha yoga practice and completed her 350 hour teacher training in 2016.

With a background in classical singing and other creative pursuits, she found great enjoyment not only in the physical poses and the new challenges to mind and body, but also the sense of creativity and the elements of surprise yoga practice can offer.

In addition to sharing her love of yoga with the local community, Suvi Marika works as a medical receptionist and devotes any spare time to her growing garden.

Prem head shot 3.jpg


PremKranti approaches each class as an opportunity for students to connect with themselves on all levels. Her mindfulness training and experience is expressed in the way she plans and delivers each class, so each aspect of the class takes students into a deeper state of self awareness. PremKranti will guide you towards this level of experience, moment to moment. 

“ Advanced Yoga practice is not about the difficulty of the pose. Advanced Yoga can be the simplest beginner pose held with deep, sustained awareness and presence. The lovely feeling of relaxation you get from a class is not so much about the stretch, but about the mental focus. As I guide you in each practice, your mind is held on the experience of the practice and its busy ramblings fade in the background of your experience. Its like a holiday for you mind."

Class begins with a guided Yoga Nidra practice. This flows into pranayama, breathing practices and asana (physical poses). Class ends with mindfulness meditation, and compassion practice, from a chair if you prefer. 

What to expect from PremKranti’s class:

Invitational instructions that allow you to meet your own needs on the day and feel empowered to make a choice

Restorative asana with a focus on self awareness and breath. 

Yoga Nidra guided relaxation/meditation that gives deep rest, respite from the busy mind and stillness

Pranayama that includes basic breathing methods and practices to expand your breath capacity. Pranayama calm the mind and regulate the nervous system